What We Do

We make snow cones for foodies. The all-natural, locally sourced, handmade way.  What we offer is a reinvention of my favorite childhood snack - the snow cone. We make all of our flavors from scratch using natural cane sugar, fresh fruit & herbs, and we leave all the artificial sweeteners, flavors, dyes, and preservatives out. We then take these 100% all-natural syrups and pour them over the softest, fluffiest shaved ice.

We specialize in unique artisanal flavors that appeal to the foodies, but also offer several classic flavors for the traditionalists; and always do so in a way that features the best ingredients of each season, and from the best farmers in our area.  

Parents love us because they know our shaved ice is safe for their kids with food allergies or sensitivities. The hipsters and foodies love us because our flavors are truly unique. And I love turning kids into foodies, one snow cone at a time.

Who We Are

My name is Gina Graves, and I own and manage The Gourmet Ice Co along with my husband and our 2 kids. I admit to being a sweet-toothed dessert lover, and one of my favorite summertime treats has always been the snow cone. Growing up, you could find me almost any day of the week at our neighborhood stand or binging on shaved ice during our annual family beach vacation. Such indulgences always ended with a mouthful of blue or red dye, and I loved it!

I first dreamt of opening my own shaved ice stand while I was in college earning my degree in Psychology, which makes complete sense, right? It wasn’t until the birth of our son years later that I became concerned with the artificial chemicals found in our diets, and snow cones were a major culprit. Determined to not give up on my dream of owning a shaved ice stand, I started researching ways of providing an organic option but found nothing like it on the market. Since I love to cook, it wasn’t a stretch to consider making the flavors myself, so that’s what I did. I found that when making the syrups by hand with real ingredients, I had more control over the flavor options, so my foodie sensibilities took over I started creating the gourmet flavor combos that our business is based on today.

The Graves Family. Photo by www.lindseyclarephotography.com

The Graves Family. Photo by www.lindseyclarephotography.com

At the time, I was working as a college advisor when I stumbled upon a vintage Airstream for sale. For the record, I wanted an Airstream before Airstreams were cool. I told my husband we had to buy it or I would regret it for the rest of my life. So we bought it. We opened for business in the spring of 2012 and worked out of our Airstream for 2 years before moving to a larger storefront location in our hometown of New Braunfels, TX. In November 2015, we decided to switch our focus and specialize in the catering and events side of our business. We closed our storefront and now focus entirely on catering at both public private events, including our weekly local farmer's market.

This truly is a family-owned business; you’ll often find our 4-year old son wiping off the tables on the patio, or sweeping in the kitchen. You might even catch a glimpse of my infant napping in the kitchen behind me, or my husband lending a hand at private catering events. If you find yourself in the Austin-San Antonio corridor,  I hope you'll stop by for a gourmet shaved ice experience.