Become a brand ambassador!

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person engaged in a company who plays a vital role in promoting that company’s products and services. The ambassador is an ‘on the ground’ representative who embodies the company’s mission and brand, in appearance, values, lifestyle and community involvings. They are more than a fan; they are Super Fans who are genuinely interested in a brand and are willing to spread the word on the company’s behalf.  They are an extension of the company, a champion of the brand.

What does a Brand Ambassador Do?

Generally, they are grass-roots promoters who use their social influence with friends and followers to introduce and educate consumers about their company’s products and services. Our brand ambassadors may do this by:

  • Consuming copious amounts of shaved ice (and hot chocolate) and sharing their experience on social media
  • Starring in marketing and ad campaigns
  • Serving in focus groups where new flavors, ideas, and consumer feedback are discussed
  • Being the first to try new flavors or products
  • Introducing our product to new customers, whether at their place of business, their home, parties, or our shop

Do Brand Ambassadors Get Paid for their Work?

It is a volunteer program where the brand ambassadors have access to our product at no cost, plus extra perks.  Specific perks are shared with our ambassadors upon initiation. 

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