What’s the difference between shaved ice and snow cones, and which do you offer?

While we use the two terms interchangeably, we technically serve shaved ice. Snow cones are made by crushing the ice, which results in a course, crunchy texture that doesn’t absorb the syrup. Shaved ice is literally just that…ice that is shaved to produce a fluffy, snow-like texture which absorbs syrups and is never crunchy.

Do your flavors contain pieces of real fruit, herbs, or pulp?

No. We use fresh fruit and herbs to create each syrup, but all of our syrups are filtered and strained after cooking to remove pulp, seeds, leaves, etc. Of course, the occasional strawberry seed or rogue orange pulp is possible and beautiful.

Are you open year-round?

Yes. We are in Texas after all, y’all!

Are you available to cater private events?

Yes, and we love to do it! We’ve catered weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, family reunions, etc. Check out our Catering page for more details.

Can you accommodate a large group at your storefront?

Yes, and we prefer advanced notice if your group will be larger than....say...15-20 people. Just give us a heads up via email or social media if you're bringing in your church group/field trip/support group/mommy-meet-up/reunion and we'll plan to have enough staff members here to keep wait times low. 

Do you still have your Airstream?

No. We sold it when we moved into our storefront.

What’s your favorite flavor?

Technically, hibiscus mint. But I have many other faves that are tied for 2nd place: lavender lemonade, green tea vanilla, blood orange, key lime pie, and maple vanilla to name a few.  My husband’s favorite is green tea vanilla, and our son loves blackberry lavender, while dreamsicle is our #1 seller.

How will I know which flavors you have?

Since our selections change weekly and with the seasons, we post the menu to our Facebook page at the start of each week.

Can you open one of these in my town, please?

Highly unlikely. I am almost completely against the idea of franchising, but I am also against the word ‘never’. It’s just not the right season of my life for a task that daunting.

Can I purchase your syrups for home use? Wholesale use?

No. We do not bottle our syrups for retail or wholesale sales. Maybe eventually!

Why don’t you have straws?

If your shaved ice made the 'right way’, it doesn’t need a straw. It’s too thick to suck through a straw anyway, and our goal is for you to finish your cup and NOT have a puddle of syrup left with no ice to accompany it. That’s the right way.

Is (fill-in-the-blank-flavor) any good?

It's delicious!