"This shaved ice is more than delicious, it's art. What's more, it is all natural and whenever possible the ingredients are from local farms. My 8 year old son loves the blackberry lavender with vanilla ice cream and even chose to have their Party Pack at his birthday party instead of cake. It's the best thing to happen to summer in New Braunfels since tubing."

-Jennifer M.

"You can have snow cones; you can have shaved ice; or you can experience the deliciousness that is The Gourmet Ice Co. We enjoyed our first experience so much that we returned twice more when we were in the area. This is an experience, and not your kids' snow cone."

-Tim S.

"If you have a refined pallet and dislike the overly sweetened, corn syrupy concoctions that are typically called snow cones, then this is the place for you."


"I've loved snow cones since I was a child, so when I found out about this place I was excited! There are lots of snow cone places but NONE are like this one. I've been a loyal customer from the beginning and my son and I come here as often as we can to devour whatever weekly flavor is in season. Quit going to everyday run of the mill snow cone places and come check out The Gourmet Ice Co...you won't regret it!"

-Nicci C.